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IPL Photo Rejuvenation with “Lumenis”  Medical Grade, the Experts in IPL Yarraville

Hands On Laser & Beauty Therapy offer the very latest and most effective way of improving benign pigmented lesions and vascular damage that are of a cosmetic concern, such as: skin texture, fine lines, pigmentation, sun damage, facial veins, redness, enlarged pores, acne scarring, ephelides (freckles), hyper pigmentation and numerous  facial  flawsipl-photo-rejuvenation


  • dramatically improves sun-damage, age spots, the symptoms of rosacea, broken veins and capillaries
  • no harsh chemicals or invasive treatments necessary
  • skin glows and looks more youthful
  • any area of the body can be treated

How It Works:

By using relatively low-energy, short-pulse broadband light we can gently heat and eliminate imperfections, replacing them with fresh, younger looking skin. The gentle, non-ablative treatments use broad spectrum light to treat the face, chest, neck and hands—virtually anywhere that sun damage shows

What to Expect:

During the procedure you can expect to feel a little degree of discomfort, depending on the pain threshold of the individual. Most people explain the procedure as a gentle heat snapping on the skin. A topical anesthetic is available if you experience any discomfort. After the procedure you may experience some reddening or local swelling at the treatment site, but this typically goes within 24 hours. You can resume your normal activities as usual but you should be aware to avoid exposing the treated area to the sun, solarium and fake tans between treatments and also 4 weeks prior to your first treatment. You can apply makeup but we recommend a mineral based makeup,  this will avoid any irritations that can occur with some makeup

Not all IPL Machines are the same

Lumenis, is the world leader in IPL as they invented it and wear the IPL (Trademark) Badge.  Established over 20 years ago,  Lumenis continue to lead the way in the Medical Aesthetic World,  being years ahead of  time and Technology. When choosing IPL for your treatment, be sure about 3 things.  The Machine, The Operator and Photographic Analysis, to get a full comprehensive report of your skins surface and underlying condition to perfectly ensure you get the correct dosage of Light.

Why take risks with your treatment


Photographic Skin Analysis in Yarraville

An integral part of every IPL or Laser Photo Rejuvenation

Hands on Laser & Beauty Therapy offer the latest development in skin analysis. Reveal Imaging provides our clinicians with the ability to locate, map and record vascular conditions and underlying sun damage. We are able to pin point the presence of pigmentation, broken capillaries, blood vessels and recommend a series of treatments and products customized entirely for you. The use of before and after Images enable us to monitor your progress and measure the extent of your skin health not visible to the naked eye, ensuring you get Expert Treatments.


Skin Resurfacing in Yarraville

skin resurfacing

Acne Treatment in Yarraville

For Teenagers & Adults Proven Results for Acne.  IPL  (light therapy) clears congestion, lightens redness and reduces inflammation,  kills bacteria and clears pustules.




Laser Diode Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal in Yarraville

What is the difference between Diode Laser Hair Removal and IPL Hair Removal?  Be Aware of  Advertising claiming IPL/Laser Treatments.  Don’t be fooled.

IPL stands for “intense pulsed light”.  It is a light therapy and not a traditional laser therapy.  It is different to laser in that it uses a spectrum of multiple wavelengths of light energy and thus can target, heat,  destroy, and stimulate a number of different skin structures and hair follicles at the same time.

Laser Diode (in motion technology) is a direct beam targeting deeper and destructing hair follicles faster and more precisely, requiring less treatments than IPL.   Laser Diode is generally the most preferred method for Permanent Hair Removal

We Treat Dark and Tanned Skins safely with our Laser Diode in Yarraville

laser hair removal from $19

Where can Laser Diode and IPL Hair Removal be used?

Most parts of the exterior body where hair becomes an embarrassing sight  or merely just unwanted.


How Many Treatments are required?

There are three phases of hair growth, and it is during the active growing phase that there is enough melanin in the hair bulb to permanently destroy the hair follicle.  Therefore, only about a third of the hair follicles are ever in the active growing phase at any one time and thus able to be targeted by Laser and  IPL.  This is why multiple treatments are required.  A minimum of four to six treatments are required with the Laser Diode and more for IPL.  Darker skin colour and lighter coloured hair will require more treatments, as there is less melanin in the hair roots and the machine cannot be operated at full capacity.  Having said that, long term hair reduction or removal is available for everyone.

Is the Hair Removal Permanent?

ipl-hair-removal-3Be aware that there is no such thing as completely permanent hair removal with any type of hair removal treatment for most people.  However, the Laser Diode and  IPL Quantum offer the most advanced and permanent reduction of hair growth of all the treatments currently on the market.  They are successful at permanently destroying most of the targeted hair follicles. Most people will get effective hair reduction with each treatment, with very little regrowth after the course of treatments is done.  Some will get complete hair reduction with no regrowth, while others will require a yearly maintenance treatment.  Any regrowth of hair will be weak, thin, and lighter in colour, due to the damaged hair follicles.

Possible Side Effects of Laser Diode and  IPL Hair Removal

It is normal to experience some redness of the skin and some very mild swelling.  This is not burning or blistering and should not cause alarm.  In some cases, the redness may last for a few days and there could be some scabbing which subsides over a short time.  Most clients will tolerate IPL with minimal discomfort, but on sensitive areas and for people with low pain threshold an ice pack can be applied.  Our Laser Diode is unique in that it is painfree and will not require ice packs.  Most people can immediately return to normal activities.



IPL hair reduction for blonde hair in Yarraville

Introducing The Latest Super Fast IPL Adena for Blonde – White – Red Hair Reduction Patented Revolutionary Technology to reduce unwanted fair hair.

IPL hair reduction for blonde hair


 New Radio Frequency Technology Medshape III has arrived for non surgical body contouring and cellulite and fat reduction. Its safe and effective with proven clinical results. Transform your body shape with precise targeting of adipose tissue with 4 technologies – Perfect for stubborn fat and cellulite that you cant shift at the gym.  Radio Frequency is great for skin tightening  and firming         pic medshape for website 1

medshape pic for website 2



I have been going to ‘Hands on’ for many years now and although I’ve tried other businesses, I never get the same quality of service and the ‘added value’ that this business offers. The treatments are outstanding and leave you feeling beautiful. The eyebrows are their specialty. Sue

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